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When deciding to sell your house, get a clear idea of what are some of the reasons and plan accordingly on a time-frame when to sell it. This step is integral as it facilitates us to get an idea of an accurate monetary lifestyle you wish to have. By doing this first step, it helps our agents target demographic areas based on community research that will benefit you for years to come! We suggest packing some of your personal belongings prior to listing your home for sale. Organizing your valuables months in advance is a sensible move. Keep items that will still be used as your daily use commodities, but organize your clothing, bedding, decorations, and other items that may have importance. The benefit of organizing personal items ahead of time is it will make the house look more spacious and clean while showing the client a tour of the home.

What is the primary thing that grabs your attention when touring for an open house? A good model home is making sure all newspapers, magazines, and utility bills are properly put away by keeping the house more organized. By displaying items such as the dining room with the table set, furniture with pillows, putting on the TV with a movie playing in the entertainment room, gives the buyer more comfortable expectations when thinking about purchasing a home. We want to create a fantasy for the buyer to create their own legacy. Give them a home where they can make their dream into a reality for years to come!




Make sure the house is in good condition. Inspect the house for the possibility of mold, water leaks in pipes, A/C unit works correctly, water damage to wood products, no rodent infestation, etc.  We don't recommend major renovation projects that will be expensive or delay the process when selling your home. We suggest minor remodeling projects that will be financially beneficial for you such as painting the walls a different color, purchasing new doors for the rooms, installing new flooring, or planting new plants around the yard are all ways to increase the value of your home when listing for sale. 

Hiring a smart Real Estate agent can play a vital role in selling your house. Therefore, pick a sensible agent that believes in the house they are selling as much as you do! The agent has a lot to do with how quickly the house sells when listed on the market and the amount of profit you're going to make. However, don't be fooled on the false promises such as "I can sell your house at a maximum profit" because there can be several obstacles that need to be overcome before making any amount of profit you expect when selling your home. Instead, go for a real estate agent who is practical, transparent and well aware of the highs and lows of the real estate market.

When planning to sell your home, make it a priority on weither you are willing to buy another home in advance or willing to put your home in the market before purchasing another home to live in. Always plan accordingly for yourself, your family, and loved ones. Our team is always willing to help when giving our clients an estimated time to selling your home. It is important to understand that financial factors also play an essential role in reaching a decision from both the seller and the buyer. By speaking to one of our agents, the time you spend asking questions regading your home. Can be an opportunity to make your bank account happy!


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